The education system is broken.
Let’s fix it together.

The Primer Foundation's mission is simple: to create a world where every child, especially those in underserved communities, has access to a world-class education, regardless of their family's financial situation.

We believe that your zip code shouldn't determine your outcome in life. We open schools in underserved neighborhoods and fund scholarships and educational resources for families who need it most -- ensuring they aren't left behind by the traditional school system and giving them a chance to excel.

Primer really is the best thing that's happened to Antwon. The things that he's learning are things I never had the chance to learn and I really feel like this is a blessing. He is engaged, determined and he's really invested in what he's learning.

— Antwon’s mom

Together we can...

Uncover the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Bring the gold standard in edu to low-income neighborhoods and create more equity in education.

Create a brighter future for students and families who seek it.

Offering accessible, superior education to millions of kids is one of the highest leverage things technology can do. We can make that our reality.


At the Primer Foundation, we know that setting students up for success means understanding their needs and caring for them in and out of school. We are so grateful to the values aligned partners on this journey with us.