At, we’re building schools in low-income neighborhoods, providing tuition assistance, meals, technology and more AND giving parents the power to choose the gold-standard in education for their children.

Olivia, 4th grade

more* growth in reading

more* growth in math

Hilton, 4th grade

more* growth in reading

more* growth in math

Asani, 4th grade

more* growth in reading

D'viyah, 4th grade

more* growth in math

*than peers countrywide who started in the same place.

19 microschools live in Florida,
2 microschools live in Arizona

When you immigrate into another country, another type of education, another curriculum, even another way of teaching, it's difficult if you don't get adapted soon and we were worried about Anna's transition. This school, using technology, using support, using communication and community, is helping her, and us, to adapt to the new system, a better system, and is close the barriers to a better education

— Anna’s dad

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We’re creating a generation of kids who love to learn.

We’re creating space for students to learn at their own pace and excel in areas of interest to them.

Empowering students who were left behind by the traditional school system, increasing reading and math literacy and setting them up for a lifetime of success.



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